Jarkaz Lenit

Magical Construct Forger



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Early Life

Jarkaz was born in the grand city of Nexus from a pretty boring middle class family. He had an uneventful early life until, in his 26th year of life, he was accepted in a great academy of magical blacksmithing: Feyhammer Academy. It was there, for 12 years, that he studied both blacksmithing and magic harnessing. During his final years at the academy, he studied an old form of artifact weapon known as constructs. His studies was brought to the attention of the local army: The Nexus Offensive. He was offered a research position to continue his work with a team of both blacksmiths and mage, with all the resources they might need to produce these constructs.

Time in the Army

Wanting to show the potential of the Constructs, Jarkaz and his team took 5 years to research and create their first one. Jarkaz forged the Construct, that would be known as Numine I, with the help of 2 blacksmith assistants in a forge fueled by the combined magic of 15 mages. The resulting creation was more then any of them could hope for, some wept, some laugh but they knew that nothing would ever be the same for them. In that moment of incredible creation, in a flash of light and dust, Jarkaz went through his exaltation. When the dust settled, Jarkaz exclaimed: “I am death, destroyer of worlds”. That Jarkaz, always fooling around in the worst moments.

After becoming an Exalted and with the creation of his first Construct, Jarkaz was tasked with creating a battalion of construct to be put under his command in a new strike force that was being formed. To help them with this, the army permitted the creation of an artifact with a powerful hearthstone. From it, Jarkaz and his team would make what would be called the Life-Fire Stone. This artifact was then inserted inside his body, an operation that would have killed any human instantly but giving him power over constructs and fueling their creation process.

After that, he was drafted in the aforementioned task force that was composed of 7 exalted, including himself, with the only noteworthy one being Dagan Venesis, a member that would become his good friend. For the next 40 years after that, the team was sent to various places to fight in wars, deal with insurgencies, anything the army would deem appropriate for the power of their team. After what human would call a lifetime of war, Jarkaz was tired of the constant fighting and decided to retired an follow his dream of perfecting his craft. He retired with honors for years of loyal service and was allowed to leave with his first construct, one of his proudest achievements.

Meeting a Wandering Traveler

During the following years, Jarkaz retired to a cottage between Nexus and Great Forks, close to the river. During a peaceful day, a wandering traveler went through his land. Thinking it was another bandit, he went to confront him with his construct but the old man he found didn’t look anything like an outlaw. After talking with him for a bit and finding him interesting enough to be worth his time, he invited him to sleep in his guest bedroom for the night.

The old man, named Zhen, told him about his finding of an hearthstone deep inside the plains of the scavenger lands. During the night, Zhen talked about his idea of creating a sanctuary for the lost and to develop the potential of any that wanted to learn. Jarkaz seing this as a great life mission and wanting to further develop his potential in his craft decided to help Zhen in his quest. The added bonus of a powerful hearthstone powering his future forge was also a pretty good selling point.

Creation of the Dojo

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Fall of Thorn

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Character Sheet


Jarkaz Lenit

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